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It’s 2018. Forget Everything You have Heard About Carpet Cleaning

Does carpet cleaning help?

Why should you get your carpet professionally cleaned? Aren’t they going get dirty again very quickly? Not if they are cleaned adequately.
Have you ever noticed that your carpet look dirty again very again after they are cleaned? This can be very frustrating particularly for property managers because carpets often look sparkling clean after being professionally cleaned. So who’s to blame for this? To understand what causes this, let’s look  for some of the reasons
There are many potential causes of re-soiling. Was something spilled on the carpet recently that someone tried to clean? Sticky residues from soft drinks will also cause rapid re-soiling. But the number one cause of rapid re-soiling is the cleaning agents used by carpet cleaners. This is because these cleaning agents tend to be sticky, that causes a “dirt magnet” situation on your carpet.
For example, think about the tip of a soap dispenser in your kitchen. The tip will always be sticky from soap residues. If your carpet cleaner is leaving Carpet Cleaingany detergent residues behind, the carpets will be left sticky and will attract dirt. And this dirt won’t come out from vacuuming because the sticky residues are holding the dirt in the carpet. There’s an easy way to test this.
Pour a bit of hot water on a small area of the carpet that gets a lot of foot traffic and scrub with a clean brush. Chances are you’ll find heavy sticky soap suds in the carpet. Again, these soapy residues are attracting dirt back to your carpet, causing them to rapidly re-soil.  Unfortunately, the majority of carpet cleaners don’t take the time to prevent this problem. These sticky residues are also a significant cause of the matting problem that many  believe to be wear. The sticky residue causes the fibers to stick, and then when they are walked on the fibers stick down.

What to do? How is this rapid re-soiling and matting prevented?

 It’s Simple. The carpet cleaner should take the time to rinse the soaps out of your carpet using rinsing agents or plain hot water.
Think about your hair. How would your hair dry if you just shampooed it but didn’t take the time to wash the shampoo out with water?
Your hair would be a sticky mess. Another instance would be the laundry.
Imagine how your clothes would look and feel if you put them in the washing machine and added detergent, but didn’t take the time to run them through the rinsing cycle.
How would your clothes feel? They would be sticky and stiff. This is exactly
what’s happening with your carpets. So why don’t more carpet cleaners take the time to thoroughly and adequately rinse your carpets after they’re finished cleaning?
The answer is simple. That would be double the work as they would be going over the entire carpet twice. And most customers don’t want to pay the extra costs that would be associated with this step. Consider this: the carpet cleaning is a saturated market. In the Calgary and surrounding area, there are hundreds of carpet cleaning companies, and they’re all competing for same business. And often the best way that they can get new business or contract is to submit the lowest bid. As a property manager or homeowner, you cannot expect to get the very best quality for the absolute lowest price. The best quality and the lowest price doesn’t go hand-in-hand.

You get what you pay for

So how much is reasonable for carpet cleaning? It depends on the type of carpet that you have and its condition. If your carpet is
filthy and has a lot of residues in it from previous inadequate
Cleanings, it’s not appropriate to think that some company is going to be able to bring it back to a best condition and appearance for the cost of a maintenance cleaning. In such cases, the carpet first needs a restorative cleaning which is a hot water rinsing process that utilizes a solution to dissolve the sticky residues that are on the carpet.
If the carpet is in overall good shape and not too heavily soiled, a standard cleaning will likely suffice. Properly-Performed regular cleaning will include hot water extraction process that was described earlier to remove all sticky residues so that nothing is left behind that would create a sticky “dirt magnet” situation. Remember that large jobs should qualify property managers for “bulk rate” pricing….much like purchasing in bulk quantities at Costco or wholesale stores

Clean the carpet before it becomes filthy

Carpet cleaning

How often your carpet needs cleaning depends on the kind of carpet traffic you have (think kids and pets). When you wait until the carpet is extremely dirty, cleaning is more difficult, takes much longer and costs more. After all, it’s easier to maintain a boat rather than trying to raise a boat that has already sunk.
Property managers are frequently in dissatisfied because their carpets look horrific and are beyond help from carpet cleaning. The carpets have critical issues such as bleach spots that go up and down the hallways and areas of color loss and fading that are the results of harsh chemical residues. Pet stains near the elevators are a frequent problem for pet-friendly buildings. Did you know that dog urine will eventually cause color bleaching? This is because the urine goes down as an acid (uric acid) but finally converts to an alkali which will attack carpet colors. Cleaning won’t resolve these issues. Often new carpet isn’t in the budget, and the building residents are complaining. So what to do? Is premature new carpet replacement the only option?

Consider carpet dyeing

Most existing carpets, including commercial carpets, can be dyed. The most notable damage of heavily used carpet is generally matting, fading, and heavy soiling due to soap residues. Eventually, ALL carpets will develop problems, whether the issue is matted traffic patterns, food stains, sun fading, chemical spills, or bleach spots. Regular cleaning often does not help. Even the best carpet cleaning may not remove stubborn stains, or the stains and high traffic patterns reappear soon after the carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning cannot successfully solve the issues of fading, chemical spills, or bleach spots.
Eventually, traffic patterns and matting get worse. Many property managers think that their carpet needs to be replaced because it’s matted down. A new carpet seems to be the only solution. Only if the carpet is not structurally stable is buying new carpet the only option. Professional carpet dyeing can be an attractive option to early carpet replacement. The average carpet will last for 10 – 15 years. But carpets are replaced almost 70% of the time for reasons other than wear.
These same carpets are in good structural condition when they are discarded, but the appearance is unacceptable and not covered by any warranty. Although a carpet should be cleaned professionally on a regular schedule, (every 6 – 12 months depending on the carpet) improper cleaning or inadequate cleaning can damage the beauty and life of the carpet. Cheap carpet materials, such as polyester and olefin are not dyeable. If you are not sure which material your carpet is made from, a Cleaning Unlimited dyeing expert can easily and quickly test the material to determine the fiber dyeability.

Why Carpet Dyeing

Some property managers are not happy with outdated colors and prefer to dye their carpet to get a new color scheme. Others are dissatisfied because they are tired of the color as its incompatible with the décor. Often property managers become frustrated with their attempts to keep their carpet clean. Some are convinced that their carpet appears to be worn out.
Most carpets don’t wear out, they simply “ugly out”. Carpet dyeing can restore your carpet look by protecting and preserving the beauty, color and life of your carpet. Professional carpet dyeing, done by a Cleaning Unlimited, can restore an existing color, achieve a slight color difference, or create an exciting new color by color restoration, tinting, color matching, accurate dyeing via color change, or spot dyeing. Patterned, multicolored, or sculptured carpet can also be successfully dyed.

Carpet Dyeing Saves Money For Property Managers

Carpet dyeing can save property managers a great deal of money, as the cost is from 60% – 90% less than the cost of carpet replacement, depending on the type and condition of the carpet. In a property that has ten thousand square feet of carpeted area, the cost of replacing the carpet with a medium grade may cost $70,000. Redyeing the existing carpet could cost $10,000 or less, thus realizing a savings of $60,000.

Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting a Carpet Dyeing Company

There are only handful of carpet dyers in Calgary, with only a few that are Certified Dye Masters and Colorists. At Cleaning Unlimited, we believe carpet dyeing is an art and requires extensive technical training.
When looking for companies to do carpet dyeing, it would be good to ask the questions below:

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