Cleaning Unlimited is a reputed and affordable carpet cleaning and dyeing company with years of highly specialized experience in the cleaning and dyeing industry. We cater to all types of jobs, from big to small. So we perform highly skilled carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, repair, and restoration.

We pride ourselves on our ultra-modern equipment, highly trained technicians, who are industry certified and have years of experience. So we use the cutting edge cleaning agents available to the cleaning industry, but we continue our search for greener and organic options. Therefore our learning curve never stops, and we take a lot of pride in our extensive knowledge.

We are rated one of the best in the Calgary area when it comes to doing anything with Cleaning, Period. Don’t believe us? Check our fantastic customer reviews. We promise we will put that Wow factor into your next cleaning project. Our primary source of revenue is referrals, from our ever so happy and satisfied customers.


Our Mission is to be the leading carpet cleaning service provider with a commitment to quality artisanship and top-notch customer service. Our goal is to create healthy relationships by offering best results using state of the art techniques and equipment which is affordable and energy saving.


Our firm belief is Repair It, Instead of Replacing It. Premium carpet repairs are not just a service or department with us; we’re a carpet repair and cleaning company. It’s what we do; it’s what we know. We can’t wait to transform your carpets to their former glory. We pride in our foundation of integrity and dedication that reflects on the quality of services we provide. Striving to achieve the best results, we leave no stone unturned with the highest possible level of workmanship.

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1. State-of-the-Art Equipment: To achieve the highest standards of cleaning, we use the top of the line machinery. With our top-rated truck mounted equipment, we aim at providing the best carpet cleaning experience each time. All of our equipment and vehiclesare properly maintained and serviced to avoid any spills or leakages and smooth functioning.  
2. Environmentally-friendly Solutions: We use the finest cleaning solutions for all stages of carpet cleaning and restoration. These solutions and cleaning agents are eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. Using such organic and environmentally friendly solutions is not only effective but is also safe for homes with children and pets.  
3. Approach: Our approach is that “Not one Hat fits all”. Customizing our carpet cleaning services has helped us stand apart from the rest in Calgary. There are a number of carpet grades, colors, fibers, and a multitude of other factors in play, which make it even more essential that each carpet must be treated uniquely. What works best for your carpet is what we will do!


Carpet dyeing is an art and requires thorough technical training and must be entrusted to certified dye masters and colorists. When selecting the best carpet dyers, make sure to have the following questions addressed:

  • What kind of training and credentials does the staff have?
  • Does the dye leave any residue or fumes?
  • Are the dyes child and pet-friendly?
  • How long does it take to dry?
  • How long will the colors last?
  • What kind of dye is used?
  • How long does the dyeing process take?
  • Why should I dye my carpet/rug?









Why Choose Us Your Carpet Repairs?

Commitment to Quality, Value and Unparalleled Service We are one of the most trusted names in carpet cleaning and repair services in Calgary.


The cleaning solution is chosen after careful consideration of carpet grade, colors, fibers, and other factors which help us deep clean the carpet without any damage. The technique and materials used result in the dirt being lifted from deep within your carpets giving you the most thorough clean leaving no dirt or any other residue behind.


Using low moisture method, we ensure that there is less risk of mold and mildew growth beneath the carpets. The cleaning solutions and solvents are non-toxic and biodegradable which are safe for children and pets. We ensure that the carpets are almost dry before we deem the job complete.


With the business motto of “You can have the best for less.” We provide genuine and fair prices without compromising on the quality of services. You can avail the best and reasonable carpet cleaning services with our flat pricing rates. You can transform your home without high cost.


The equipment used are energy efficient, helping the environment. We ensure that cleaning solutions are not only the best for your carpets but best for you as well. There are no harmful fumes, and all solvents are biodegradable green certified.

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